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The journey begins with
love4bukwo Medical Center

We broke ground January 2016. The locals from Bukwo put their heart and soul into the Hospital.

we started with raw ground

When we began we had no running water on the site.
We hired locals who traveled on foot and by using motorbikes to deliver the water needed for the project.
They hauled water from a local river about 10 kilometers away.
We created employment opportunities for the locals with an understanding that one day they would have a
regional hospital to care for their families and improve their lives in many ways.

with courage, determination and fellowship, we built a hospital that will change lives now and far into the future


Love4bukwo medical center open!

In June 2022 the L4B Medical Center opened to the public as a full service hospital.  This includes a clinic with outpatient services including x-ray, labs, ultrasound, and physical therapy.  There is a maternal child wing, men's, women's and children's wards as well as surgical suites!
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