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COVID shutting us down? Nope, busy as bees!

While COVID has interrupted many things this past year, we have continued to plan, develop, and work on opening the Love 4 Bukwo Hospital. We have a nonprofit group formed in the USA and are working on one in Uganda so we can contribute to the healthcare of Bukwo and the economic development to make Bukwo a gold star community for Christ! Work has continued on the mission house! Many have worked to dig out all of this rock and dress it and put it up! We are so very thankful we were able to obtain so many bricks for the interior. This was not an easy task!

Rainy season will come before we know it, so we are planning ahead and gathering all of the supplies necessary to complete the roof of the mission house so we can begin working on the interior! Many loads of sand and gravel have already been brought and this past week many supplies were purchased in Mbale and are being transported. We still have need of a few more supplies and then some finances to hire the workers! This will be a wonderful building for housing our resident staff, visiting missionaries and trainers and can also be used to train the local people in many areas! The roof will be sufficient to hold a second story as we grow and need more space!

As soon as this building has some completed rooms we will be able to send Maggie over to be on the ground to finalize the processes that must be completed before opening. Others will arrive to help hire and train staff and assess the next steps to being fully operational.

Much money is needed to see this completed and for us to be able to truly open the hospital. Without significant donations we will be delayed. Please let us know if you know of foundations that are looking to improve healthcare, promote economic development and provide fresh, clean water to this area of Uganda. Donations can be made by visiting

Thank you so much for your interest in this wonderful project!

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