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how tragedy birthed a dream

The need for Love4Bukwo Medical Center grew out of a story of tragedy. When Founder Maggie Sabay was a toddler she was diagnosed with a rare nutritional disease which, without medical treatment, would take her life. Against all odds, her family got her to the closest hospital located in Kenya, 30 kilometers from her home. Because there was no medical care facility closer to her home for follow-up treatment, Maggie spent many months away from her family in Uganda.

As a teenager, Maggie watched the pain her mother went through when she lost a baby due to placenta previa. Not only was the baby lost but Maggie’s mother nearly died as well.

Then in 2015, Maggie’s sister Gertrude experienced complications during her pregnancy. Local Bukwo midwives who had no access to medical imaging suspected her baby was dead. Again the only option was to take the long trip to the district hospital in Kitale, Kenya, where the death of the child was confirmed. Gertrude was told that they had to evacuate the remains, but she could not pay the admission fee up front, so she was turned away. Gertrude headed back home to Bukwo to die alongside her unborn baby. 

By the grace of God, Gertrude survived this ordeal, but these family tragedies moved Maggie and her husband Peter to embark on a crazy mission to change their home - to build a hospital where people of Bukwo would no longer have to die because care was not accessible or affordable.

In the years that followed, Maggie and Peter worked to get their medical degrees and the experience needed to help the people of Bukwo. In 2016 they invested their life savings into building Love4Bukwo Medical Center, a place where their dream of a hospital where they could provide quality, compassionate care based on the Biblical principles began.

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