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What Creates the Spark that Ignites a Good Idea?


For founders Peter and Maggie, disparities in healthcare for the people in Bukwo ignited the passion to do something extraordinary to change this desperation. The suffering of many people due to limited access to quality healthcare compelled Peter and Maggie to build a hospital in Bukwo – Love4Bukwo Medical Center (L4B).
The limited access to healthcare, especially in the rural areas in Uganda,
causes death and suffering beyond most of our imaginations. 
Now these areas are facing Covid-19, the worst pandemic in our lifetimes,
with no resources to battle this insidious disease.
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We believe in that real ideas and synergy will produce positive

results that will reduce or end

extreme poverty.

We want to solve health disparities

in Bukwo and neighboring communities by utilizing evidence-based models in healthcare delivery.

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Our Mission: 


To promote and provide sustainable healthcare services that is ACCOUNTABLE, AFFORDABLE ACCESSIBLE and RELIABLE for a vibrant community that ensures a healthy prosperous future for the people of Bukwo.


Our vision: 


To promote and provide sustainable healthcare services that support and develop a HEALTHY and VIBRANT community with prosperous future for all.

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