Peter Ole-Sabay

Founder & CEO of Love4Bukwo Hospital

Peter Ole-Sabay, Founder & CEO of Love4Bukwo Hospital in Eastern Uganda, holds a B.A. in Global Health from Arizona State University. Mr. Ole-Sabay has 20 years of healthcare experience, working in several healthcare facilities in the US and has worked extensively on solving global health disparities in East Africa, including HIV/AIDS prevention. While at ASU, Mr. Ole-Sabay spearheaded an HIV/AIDS program in Tanzania and Uganda as well as facilitated discussions in Kenya in High schools.


Mr. Ole-Sabay was a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, an award he used to teach HIV prevention in East Africa. He is a certified health facilitator and trainer through Heal International. In the past Mr. Ole-Sabay  also helped to start a clinic and a dialysis unit in Eldoret, Kenya.

Mr. Sabay will focus on the collaborations needed to open and operate the hospital.  He will run and manage the overall vision of the hospital.

Maggie 2.jpg
Maggie sabay

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Love4Bukwo Hospital

Dr. Margaret Sabay, RN, FNP-C, PHD is a medical practitioner in Arizona. Presently, Dr. Sabay is the Chief Infectious Disease Officer at Grand Canyon University and works as a clinician at the Health and Wellness Clinic on campus. Dr. Sabay also works part-time at FastMed Urgent Care as a provider. Dr. Sabay is looking to relocate back to Uganda once the hospital is operational so she can be both the healthcare provider and Chief Medical Officer. 

Originally from Bukwo, Mrs. Sabay grew up in the time of the HIV pandemic and saw colleagues and friends die due to complications from HIV/AIDS. In
response she helped open an orphanage to take in children whose parents had died of the disease. She is the Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Infectious Diseases at Love4Bukwo Regional Hospital, bringing her experience and deep commitment to this remarkable Global Health work.