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The Need is greaT
The Answer is Love

Poor access to vital human services such as health care, education, and economic development has marginalized the people of Bukwo leaving them vulnerable to disease, poverty, and an uncertain future. Guided by Biblical principles we started Love4Bukwo Medical Center to serve the Bukwo community and the surrounding region - the first step in our quest to revitalize Bukwo. 


The Bukwo region is one of the most severely underserved communities in Uganda. To combat this adversity, Love4Bukwo Medical Center is collaborating with the Friends of Bukwo Global (FOBGlobal) organization to create and begin revitalization of the area.
It is our commitment that every person is valued and honored. Each person willing to help will be greeted with open arms and thanks. We welcome those who want to fulfill this dream: to provide funds, services, partnerships and on-the-ground work without respect to religious, social, or economic status. The kingdom of God revolves around loving God and loving humanity. Jesus healed the sick among many other good things and left us the command to continue sharing the good news of the kingdom.
We extend the love of God through providing accessible healthcare to all people in the community. 

“Christianity is a healing faith.

I don’t mean body versus soul and mind. God cares about every aspect of a person, and so do we.”

Peter Ole-Sabay, Founder

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For founders Peter and Maggie, disparities in healthcare for the people in Bukwo ignited the passion to do something extraordinary to change this desperation. The suffering of many people due to limited access to quality healthcare compelled Peter and Maggie to build a hospital in Bukwo – Love4Bukwo Medical Center (L4B).
The limited access to healthcare, especially in the rural areas in Uganda,
causes death and suffering beyond most of our imaginations. 
Now these areas are facing Covid-19, the worst pandemic in our lifetimes,
with no resources to battle this insidious disease.
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